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• The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation has established The Zbigniew Herbert International Literary Award for poetry. The first award ceremony will take place in Warsaw on June 3, 2013, at the Polish Theatre (Teatr Polski).

• The Foundation works closely with the “Herbert Schools Club”, an association founded in 2001 that currently includes twenty schools named after the poet. The Club’s aim is the social integration of school communities through a variety of cultural events organised to promote Herbert’s poetry and the values that he advocated in both actions and words. The association also organises an Annual Reunion of Herbert schools. The most recent one took place in Warsaw. The next reunion is planned for October 2013. The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation intends to work closely with the Club and schools as part of its education programme, which aims to popularize poetry as well as acquaint people with Herbert’s life and work.

• The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation is dedicated to promoting reading as well as the dissemination of poetry, literature and literary criticism—by organizing and supporting educational projects, conferences, lectures, workshops, literary competitions, readers’ meetings with authors and literary festivals.

• The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation will work with similarly oriented institutions, both at home and abroad, with a particular emphasis on international cooperation, aimed at intellectual exchanges between poets, writers, critics and other animators of the literary world. In that respect the Foundation will also produce and support interactive internet projects.

• The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation regards working with institutions that own any part of Zbigniew Herbert’s creative legacy as one of its most important areas of activity; more particularly in this respect with the Warsaw-based National Library (Biblioteka Narodowa).

• The Zbigniew Herbert Foundation intends to publish works that popularize the Foundation’s aims, achievements, and future plans.